The Creators Of ‘Cobra Kai’ Will Set Out To Tackle A Famous Powerball Mystery Next

Riding off of the success of Cobra Kai, which started out as a YouTube hit before making the jump to Netflix, the series creators are now setting their sights on a real-life tale of an unclaimed lottery ticket. While not as fast-paced as the world of high school karate fights, the new comedy series from Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, and Josh Heald will focus on a Washington Post article from earlier in the year that brought to light the mystery that practically tore a small town apart. Via Deadline:

The article, published in mid-July, chronicles the aftermath of a Powerball ticket sold in the small town of Lonacoming, MD (population 1,200), winning $731 million. Maryland is one of seven states that allow lottery winners to remain anonymous, and the lucky Lonacoming group, who call themselves “Power Pack,” took advantage of that when they eventually claimed their reward four months after hitting the jackpot. The news turns this small town upside down as the residents work to uncover the mystery of who won the ticket. Nine months later, the mystery has not been solved.

In the meantime, the Cobra Kai creative team still has their hands full with the Netflix series. Season 4 is slated to start streaming on December 31, 2021, and the show was already picked up for Season 5 back in August. Obviously, Netflix knows Cobra Kai is a sure thing if they’re locking down future seasons without even seeing the latest viewership numbers.

You might say it’s their… winning lottery ticket. Eh? Get it? Like the other thing!

(Via Deadline)