A ‘Cobra Kai’ Co-Creator Shared His Tips On How To Make A Reboot That Doesn’t Stink

Most reboots of old shows and movies are not good. I will not list them all, because there’s so many, but here’s one: Mad About You, NBC’s Emmy-winning 1990s hit sitcom, was resurrected by Spectrum Originals for one forgotten season. The only positive thing to come from it is that Richard Kind got paid. But every so often, a good reboot will slip through cracks — even rarer is the great reboot. Cobra Kai is a great reboot.

Co-creator and showrunner Hayden Schlossberg spoke to the Hollywood Reporter about how the Netflix series inspired by The Karate Kid franchise turned into one of the best shows on TV. “Ever since Cobra Kai premiered in 2018,” he wrote. “I have heard some version of the following: ‘I can’t believe how much I loved your show, because whenever Hollywood attempts to bring back a classic movie franchise, it almost never works out.’ Well, my co-creators Jon Hurwitz, Josh Heald, and I completely understand where that sentiment comes from.” Schlossberg then shared tips on how to make a great reboot:

DO treat the original franchise with reverence


DON’T be afraid to make big changes

He also suggested, “DON’T assume your audience is going to stick around until the end” and, “DON’T argue with the fans,” which is good advice for most situations.

You can read all of Schlossberg’s tips over at the Hollywood Reporter. Especially if you’re on the team that’s bringing back Gremlins. Please don’t mess this up.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)