The Coen Brothers Apparently Couldn’t Care Less About ‘Fargo’ The Television Series

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02.25.16 17 Comments

Getty Image / FX

It’s been well reported that the highly acclaimed Fargo television series features plenty of nods to the Coen brothers and their films. There’s no shortage of praise towards the brothers and the world they created in the original Fargo — and by extension their other films. Noah Hawley and the other creators on the show go all in to create an experience that is faithful to the Coens’ talent.

Only the Coen brothers don’t seem to care all that much. In a new interview with Radio Times, the directorial duo admit that they are tuning in to every episode of Fargo and taking joy in how the show portrays their past work. In fact, they’re pretty clear about their feelings:

“We’re just not very interested. I mean, we’re perfectly happy with it. We have no problem with it. It just feels divorced from our film somehow”

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