The ‘Better Know A District’ Segment Colbert Did Last Night Was One Of The Best Ever

05.16.13 27 Comments

Without question, my favorite Colbert Report recurring segment is his “Better Know A District” series, in which Stephen sits down and conducts an interview with a member of Congress, usually in his or her Washington office. They don’t pop up near as frequently as they used to (I’ve been told by a show staffer that many members of Congress are afraid to take part in the interviews out of fear of looking foolish.), sadly, and they were REALLY great when politicians went into the interview not in on the joke, but when they do they’re still usually very funny. (The one from 2006 with Florida congressman Robert Wexler — in which he got Wexler to say “I enjoy concaine because it’s a fun thing to do”on camera  — is probably my all-time fav.)

That said, the BKAD the show aired last night — the 70th in its history — with “openly black” Rep. Gwen Moore of Wisconsin was simply outstanding. The interview in its totality was masterful, as they always seem to be, but Colbert coaxing Moore into taking a pretend ride on a Harley with him was the highlight of the whole ridiculous thing.

“Harley-Davidson is based in your district,” Colbert said. “Do you ride?”

“I have sat on a Harley and taken pictures,” Moore replied. “And I have fantasized and imagined myself doing it.” Colbert and Moore then jumped on a pretend motorcycle and embarked on a high speed chase/shootout with police that ended with them jumping a ravine.

Seriously, just watch the two-part segment below. It’ll make your day. I promise.

Here’s part one…

And here’s part two…

I mean, just look at her face during the pretend Harley ride…

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