South Carolinian Stephen Colbert Explains To Kevin Spacey Why His ‘House Of Cards’ Character Is Bullsh*t

Kevin Spacey dropped by The Colbert Report last night seemingly to show off his dapper new suit and remind everyone they can still watch House of Cards whenever the hell they want on Netflix, which is all well and good but not that interesting of a premise.

Insert Mr. Colbert, who immediately calls bullsh*t on the fact that House of Cards is nominated for Emmys when it’s on the internet and not “real” TV, forcing Spacey explain to him how they get away with that. But the real fun starts at the 2:10 mark when Colbert — a South Carolina native — dissects all the flaws in Spacey’s character — a House Democrat from Gaffney, SC. Let’s just say Frank Underwood might as well be named “Khaleesi.”

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