Colbert Mocks Fox News’ Theory That Success Of ‘Downton Abbey’ Proves America Loves Wealthy Aristocrats

01.23.13 54 Comments

I’m having a hard time believing that a Fox News talking heads actually floated this theory, but I suppose nothing should surprise me at this point. It simply goes like this: the popularity of Downton Abbey in the U.S. proves that Americans LOVE wealthy aristocrats, contrary to the popular myth — the one spun onto the ground by the dastardly liberal media — that Americans HATE wealthy aristocrats. I would love to have been in the production meeting where this was proposed and accepted as a thing that Fox News hosts would actually discuss on the air.

“Along comes this show, Downton Abbey; rich people prominently featured. And they’re generous. They’re nice people. They create jobs for heaven’s sake. They’re classy. They’ve got style. And we love them…that show poses a threat to the left, doesn’t it?” proposed Stuart Varney.

To which Colbert responded, perfectly: “Yes…the popularity of Downton Abbey proves that America loves rich guys, the same way that the popularity of Breaking Bad proves that America loves meth dealers.”


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