Stephen Colbert Expertly Spoofs Matthew McConaughey’s Pitchman Status On ‘The Late Show’

Seeing as The McConaissance comes equipped with a few corporate sponsors, it’s not surprising that Matthew McConaughey has been sent up for the ads he’s churned out. Can you watch a Lincoln commercial without thinking of Jim Carrey’s McConaughey rolling a booger in his fingers? No you cannot. No one can.

McConaughey’s role as the creative director of Wild Turkey is now getting the spoofing it deserves courtesy of Stephen Colbert. Friday’s edition of The Late Show featured Colbert (y’know because it’s his show) providing some hilarious commentary on the Oscar winner’s place as a millennial-courting pitchman and Colbert countered with an ad campaign of his own. Yes, the comedian “revealed” that he’s signed on to “write, direct, key grip, intern for, and craft service my own ad campaign for Savage Cock, 190 proof grain alcohol.”

In a faux spot that gleefully picks apart McConaughey’s marketing philosophy, Colbert sells “authenticity” while trying to get customers onboard for brand of liquor that comes with a #OrganDamage hashtag for the Twitter crowd. As our pitchman notes, smooth flavor is really just pandering and that’s not what millennials are all about.

“If we millennials hate anything, it’s solicitation,” notes a gussied up Colbert. “We don’t take kindly to being told what to buy or who to buy from. It’s why we wear clothes that look like they’ve been stolen from the grave of an Irish immigrant. And that’s why we drink Savage Cock.”

Check the hilarious segment out for yourself by hitting play on the magic YouTube rectangle at the top of the page.