‘The Colbert Report’ Has Buddy Cole Investigating The Sochi Olympics And It Is FABULOUS

If I have just one complaint about television today, it’s that Rachel Bilson isn’t on every television show, but if I can have a second complaint, it would be that we don’t have enough random appearances from old Kids in the Hall characters. I can’t even count how many times that I’ve been watching Sex Put Me into the ER and thought, “This could really use some Chicken Lady.” Fortunately, The Colbert Report always knows what I’m thinking, and the show enlisted Scott Thompson as his legendary Kids in the Hall character Buddy Cole to investigate the anti-gay laws of Russia in a very special edition of the Sport Report last night.

In this first installment, Buddy met with US Ambassador Dan Baer to discuss Russia’s controversial laws and how he can actually go to Sochi during the 2014 Winter Olympics to get an idea of the mood in Sochi firsthand. Naturally, there were martinis and innuendo to be had.

Buddy will be back on tonight’s Colbert Report to interview the U.S. Men’s Speed Skating team, but it will have to be really great to top his all-time greatest sports moment…