Run The Jewels Hijack Stephen Colbert’s Family-Friendly Christmas Anthem ‘Jingle Jingle (Santa Party)’

Stephen Colbert would like to provide you with a sugary sweet Christmas anthem this holiday season. Killer Mike and El-P of Run the Jewels would like to give you said anthem with a lot less sugar. Can a compromise be found? Sort of!

Not unlike Colbert’s earlier attempt to serve up a wholesome G-rated Halloween hit, this is another case of a merrily corny Late Show novelty track being hijacked by Run the Jewels. (It’s almost like it’s a bit or something.) This go-around the bespectacled late night host introduces us to the music video for “Jingle Jingle (Santa Party).” We’re treated to candy cane based choreography, festive clothing and a sharp left turn where Run the Jewels pop in to tell the viewer to “wake the f*ck up.”

RTJ find time to kick Santa’s ass for his spying ways, take dead aim at President Trump and place a spotlight on assorted injustices all in a way that’s a smidge more aggressive than Colbert’s holly jolly ode to egg nog and gingerbread. Colbert fights to try and keep the original cheery spirit going with things escalating to the Late Show star trying his hand at rapping his pro-Christmas message. It might not have gone the way Colbert planned, but I’d be happy to wedge “Jingle Jingle (Santa Party)” on my mom’s Michael Bublé heavy holiday mix.