Colin Jost Wrote An ‘SNL’ Sketch For Scarlett Johansson Years Before They Got Engaged

Colin Jost’s memoir A Very Punchable Face is out today, and in it, the SNL head writer discusses growing up in Staten Island, the time Jimmy Buffett saved his life (though, in a way, “Math Suks” saved all of our lives), and his relationship with Oscar nominee Scarlett Johansson. The couple, who got engaged in 2019, first met in 2006, but Johansson’s first memory of her future-husband came four years later when she guest-hosted SNL.

In November 2010, Johansson starred in a parody of MTV’s then-popular Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant reality series called “MTV: Maternity Television.” The sketch was pitched and written by Jost, whose confidence ScarJo was immediately drawn to. “It was some dumb parody that he had written, and he was in there partly directing this segment we had to do,” Johansson told the Hollywood Reporter. “That’s my first memory of him. He seemed very confident at the time. I don’t know if he felt that way, but in that environment, if you’re not confident as a writer, your stuff just never gets produced.”

This is their meet-cute.


Jost was also recently asked by Entertainment Weekly to name his favorite ScarJo performance (this is obviously his favorite — and most uncomfortable — ScarJo impression). “She’s made a lot of great movies,” he answered, wisely, “but I would say Lost in Translation. When I saw it, I guess in the theater, I just thought her and Bill [Murray] together was such a great performance. It was a beautiful movie. It’s funny now looking back, because I obviously never watched those movies thinking, someday I might marry someone in this movie.” What if he said “We Bought a Zoo“? Is that grounds for calling off the marriage?

(Via EW)