Colin Jost Basically Apologized For ‘Weekend Update’ Sucking Last Season

I can’t say anything truly mean about season 39 of SNL because it gave us “Josie,” so I’ll phrase this delicately: once Colin Jost took over for Seth Meyers to man Weekend Update with Cecily Strong, every episode became eight to ten minutes shorter. Update was a yawn, and the smear of mayonnaise known as Jost was a big reason why. He even admitted as much in a brief interview in the New York Post.

“I don’t feel like what I’ve done so far is a full realization of who I am,” says Jost. “There’s a lot to figure out in the beginning, and your personality starts coming out the more you do it.”

Jost says next season, viewers will see more of who he really is. (Via)

“More of who he really is” apparently means an excess of “Breaking Nudes” non-sequiturs, which is certainly preferable to stale John Boehner jokes and corny Photoshops. Either that, or Weekend Update could be preempted for What Up with That? RUNNING MAN 2016.

Via NY Post