04.20.09 10 years ago

Good news, science fiction aficionados!  NBC Universal is auctioning off the Raptor spacecraft pictured here (NOTE: spacecraft cannot actually jump through space, or fly, or do anything, actually).  Since the top eBay bid of $28,100 didn’t meet the asking price, it will instead be sold at a live auction in May.

But that (along with a Viper fighter) is merely the largest offering — an auction company named Propworx has been selling about 150 “BSG” props a week on eBay:

[Operations manager Curtis Short] been surprised by the surge of humanity that’s been bidding on some of the items. “Last week we had some rank pins that sold for $4,500.  People collect all the pins for the ranks — and also, patches are really big.” […]  You can purchase a napkin from Joe’s Bar for only 99 cents, a Caprican Imperial cigar box for $82.00, or a genuine tool set from the Hangar bay workbench for only $32.  And for $102.50, you can be cuffing your kinky date with genuine Cylon handcuffs.

Yes, and by “kinky date” they mean “RealDoll modeled after Tricia Helfer.”

[boing boing]

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