Comedians Including Amy Schumer And Will Ferrell Come Together For A Cause Nobody Can Pronounce

It’s always great when a celebrity lends their time to a cause as worthy as supporting a women’s health organization. What if you can’t pronounce the organization’s name, though? If you’re getting a bunch of comedians to back you up though, then you use that to your advantage.

Jhpiego, which provides women’s health services around the world, enlisted a bunch of funny people to make a video for Funny or Die about how they can’t pronounce Jhpiego. First up is Amy Schumer, saying, “Every two minutes, a woman dies during pregnancy. And there’s one organization fighting to ensure that every mother survives childbirth. And that organization is–”

What is it, Amy? “Ja-poo-ey.” That can’t be right.

Next up is Will Ferrell. “Ja-hi-pi-ay-goo.” Key and Peele don’t do any better, with Jordan Peele trying to loosen up his face muscles to say the word, then Kristen Schaal making some guttural noises. The Broad City girls merely beg someone off camera to pronounce it for them.

Then the comedians try and figure out what Jhpiego stands for. Ferrell guesses, “Johns Hopkins pees in every guy’s orifice.” Hannibal Burress’ attempt is even funnier, “Jay Z has put it everywhere… gosh … oh man.”

It turns out that the pronunciation is “ja-pie-go,” and this video is a clever way to get people to write about it.