Jerry Seinfeld’s New ‘Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee’ Trailer Features Eddie Murphy, Seth Rogen, And More

Netflix released a new trailer for the next batch of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee episodes, and creator and host Jerry Seinfeld appears to have hit another home run. The series, which first premiered on Cracked way back in 2012, continues with a whole host of deliriously comical guests (and otherwise famous people) including Eddie Murphy and Seth Rogen. Not only that, but Ricky Gervais makes a comeback, and more familiar faces popup throughout these few minutes. They include Matthew Broderick, Bridget Everett, Martin Short, Jamie Foxx, and more.

Of course, all episodes of the series are now available for the binging on Netflix, so if you missed Dave Chappelle and Norm Macdonald, head on over for the goods. The series shows no sign of slowing down, which makes sense given the smooth-brewed subject matter, which is all part of Seinfeld’s massive deal with the streaming service that he signed in 2017. However, it’s not lost on Seinfeld that the upcoming season might be the greatest of all.

“I love the coffee,” he stated in a mid-June tweet. “I love the cars. I love the comedians. And yes, doing the show with Eddie was really special.”

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee returns with new episodes on July 19th.