Jerry Seinfeld Visits President Obama In A Special Episode Of ‘Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee’

President Barack Obama appeared in Jerry Seinfeld’s seventh-season premiere of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. By necessity, it was a little different than most episodes.

The car of Jerry’s choice was a 1963 Corvette Sting Ray, the car that all the astronauts drove in the 1960s, because Seinfeld thought it was the “coolest car for the coolest guy to ever be president.” After making Jerry hang out in the Oval Office while he finished up some work, Obama jokingly asked Jerry to throw his apple away in the “non-presidential trash.”

Because he’s the president of the United States, they obviously couldn’t take the Corvette out on the town, so they settled for a spin around the White House grounds at about 10 miles per house.

The conversation was light and jovial. Obama, for instance, joked that he does really well with the “0-8 demographic. Partly because my ears are big, so I look like a cartoon character. And little kids love saying my name. But it’s one big name, like ‘Barackobama.’ ”

After spinning around in the Corvette, Obama showed Jerry his “Beast,” a Cadillac on a tank frame. “I can call a nuclear submarine right here. It’s a cool feature, and it’s also got seat warmers.”

After that, Obama had a “little gin” to get through the rest of the day. They took it down to what looked like the White House coffee room for coffee, which they brewed themselves in a Mr. Coffee coffee maker. Among the highlights of the conversation:

— Obama says he shaves before he works out. “I believe in shaving before a work-out, because that’s how I do it, and I don’t really need a reason.”

— He said the first week living in the White House was like living in Night at the Museum

— Obama told Jerry that his most embarrassing presidential moment was “this,” appearing on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

— His food weakness is nachos, which he could eat until “guacamole is coming out of his eyeballs.”

— “How many leaders are completely out of their mind?” Jerry asked. “A pretty sizable percent … the longer they stay in office, the more that is likely to happen.”

— Jerry Seinfeld bragged to Obama that he “makes so much more money than you.”

— Obama also admits he frequently curses, because “cursing can be really valuable.”

— After chatting over coffee, Jerry let Obama take the Corvette for a spin.

All in all, it wasn’t a substantive or revelatory episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, but it was entertaining, and did illustrate that Barack Obama is the coolest guy to be president, at least since Teddy Roosevelt. It’s a quick, 20-minute episode.

(Via Crackle and Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee)