Watch Adam Scott Make His Triumphant Return To TV On ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’

04.10.15 3 years ago

The end of Parks and Recreation this year left comedy fans, and frankly all of humanity, with a hole in their hearts that no other TV show could fill. Even Adam Scott’s kids thought he’d be “washed up” after it ended. Well, lift your heads up high, Parks and Rec fans! Adam Scott is making his glorious return to television on Comedy Bang! Bang!… as a plumber?

He joins Scott and Reggie on this week’s CBB (preview clip above), as the two hosts ponder a way to blow through their stunt budget. While it isn’t the meatiest of parts, any screen time for Parks and Rec veterans is welcomed and cherished around here (this includes Adam’s time on Boy Meets World). Whether it’s Aubrey Plaza’s blood, Jim O’Heir’s new movie, or Amy Poehler’s hair, we’re happy to accept any of these gifts from the people who gave us TV goodness.

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