Comedy Central Announced The Complete (And Awesome) Dais For The James Franco Roast

The Comedy Central Roast of James Franco still seems like one of Franco’s most ambitious art house dicknose projects to date, as I’m expecting him to either show up to the taping this Sunday dressed as a Benedictine monk, while he and his friends tell all of their jokes in Latin, or not show up at all and instead hire two busloads of Furries to take over the building and yiff on every table.

But as of right now this thing is still legit, and Comedy Central announced the complete dais today, after some of the big names were already teased last week. Joining roastmaster Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Bill Hader, Nick Kroll, Sarah Silverman and Jeff Ross are…

Aziz Ansari and Andy Samberg. I know some of us were really holding out for a Danny McBride appearance, so let’s hope that they try to keep it under wraps and make it a surprise for the actual show. Obviously, if that happens, the news won’t last long enough for it to be a surprise when we watch the actual roast on September 2, because the huge crowd (that was so large the event had to be pushed back to this weekend to accommodate more ticket sales) will let that slip as fast as one of the drunk models filling seats can Tweet it out.

And for our masochistic pleasure, here’s The Situation’s performance at the Donald Trump Roast that may be the lowest point in comedy history.