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There’s rumored good news and definite bad news in the world of funny today. And by “today” I mean “last week, but I’m just getting to it now since there’s no news today.” The good news first, from the Comic’s Comic:

I first reported on Monday that I was hearing whispers that Comedy Central might not be renewing The Jeff Dunham Show, the ventriloquist’s clunky sitcom that had Dunham and his puppets heckling “real people” in the “real world.” And now I’m hearing that, despite what Comedy Central told me, Dunham’s writing staff found out a week ago that the show wasn’t getting picked up after its season finale aired Dec. 10.

Wow, I can’t believe I live in a world where “Tosh.0” gets a second season and the “The Jeff Dunham Show” gets canceled. Perhaps there’s hope after all! …or not:

It could very well turn out that Dunham himself would rather go about his rather lucrative business with the fans in person than spend time on a second TV season dealing with critics who don’t seem to like him very much at all… After all, he grossed $38 million just in ticket sales last year, plus millions more in merchandise sales.

Yeah, that’s why I don’t feel so bad putting Dunham in a triptych with Hitler and a Klansman. He’s far too wealthy to mind being called a racist. For the kind of money he’s making, I’d be willing to reinforce negative stereotypes among the dumbest segments of the populace, too. Hell, I’d probably do it for less. Especially if I got to expose those no-good micks for the lazy drunks they are.

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