Comedy Central Will Keep ‘The Daily Show’ Host Trevor Noah On Through 2022 Amid A Very Successful Season

On the heels of hiring Dulcé Sloan as The Daily Show‘s newest correspondent and announcing a new interview with Hillary Clinton in November, Comedy Central revealed on Thursday it has renewed Trevor Noah’s contract through 2022. This means the 33-year-old South African comedian will remain on the air and behind the scenes at the flagship comedy channel for at least another five years (two of which may or may not include current President Donald Trump). So we hope you like Noah’s approach to issues both delicate and perverse, because he won’t be going away anytime soon.

“I’m thrilled to be continuing this amazing journey with both fans of The Daily Show and Comedy Central,” Noah said in a statement. “It’s really exciting to renew this contract for either five more years or until Kim Jong Un annihilates us all — whichever one comes first.” On a more serious note, Comedy Central President Kent Alterman remarked, “Trevor makes us look smart on a daily basis, and for that we’re grateful.” That Alterman and everyone else at the cable channel are grateful to Noah shouldn’t be a surprise, for his The Daily Show has resulted in some of the show’s (and network’s) best ratings in years.

Aside from hosting, writing for and executive producing The Daily Show through 2022, Noah will also do the same for a new slate of annual specials slated for the end of the year. “The Daily Show will no longer take for granted that humankind has made it to another December 31st,” read the statement, “and from here on out will celebrate in annual year-end specials.” Noah will also play a minor behind-the-scenes role in outgoing correspondent Jordan Klepper’s new series The Opposition. And judging by our forthcoming interview with Klepper, the pair will regularly face off once it premieres Monday, September 25th.