Comedy Central Has Made Every Episode Of ‘Nathan For You’ Available For Free On Its Website

02.12.14 4 Comments

Comedy Central could have gone one of two ways in the wake of Nathan Fielder’s much-discussed “Dumb Starbucks” prank. (Is that what we’re calling it? A prank? It feels like more than a prank. A ruse, maybe?) They could have (a) started flooding their network with commercials and on-screen pop-ups begging people to acquire the first season of Nathan for You on iTunes, for money ($19.99 in HD, to be specific), or (b) they could have decided to ride the wave of free publicity — or, at least, free plus potential legal fees — by making the first season more readily accessible, to hopefully pull in the widest net of potential new viewers.

Well, luckily for you, the network went with the second option, and made every episode available for free on their website. This is excellent news. It’s also a smart business move on their part. They’re hoping you’ll like this free taste and get hooked, so they can cram advertisements down your throat during Season 2 (which debuts this summer). It’s Drug Dealer 101. Or Grocery Store Toothpick Sample 101, if you’re somewhat less of a degenerate. Either one works.

Anyway, you’re welcome to start watching wherever you please, but if you’re looking for a solid jumping-off point and only have a little time, I recommend the Gas Station/Caricature Artist episode. I can’t believe the King of Sting never caught on.

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