Comedy Central Planted A Brilliant Marketing Stunt For Trevor Noah’s Debut That Nobody Caught On To

So here’s a fun little thing Comedy Central did for Trevor Noah’s debut as host of The Daily Show this week. Anticipating that many people would be googling the new man in charge, the network bought up Google ads with links to covert YouTube videos, when someone does a search for “Trevor Noah + [popular search term].” The videos — which were pointed out to us by a reader — are unlisted and unembeddable (the above player directs to YouTube), so the only way anyone can come across them is via a manual search.


So far we’ve been able to find “Trevor Noah Wiki” (above), “Trevor Noah Girlfriend,” “Trevor Noah Autotune,” “Trevor Noah ASMR,” “Trevor Noah Age, and “Trevor Noah Gay” — the latter of which proves that “he really made it.” There are probably more out there that we couldn’t find, so happy searching!