The Comedy Central Roasting Of Alec Baldwin Is Definitely Happening

Alec Baldwin broke into Hollywood movies over three decades ago and has hosted SNL over a dozen times (his President Trump impression remains unparalleled), but these days, he’s also famous for his strong (and some would argue abrasive) personality. That’s kinda what happens when one becomes known for tangling with paparazzi and throwing occasional temper tantrums. That reputation should provide plenty of fuel for roasting, and Comedy Central has announced that this event will take place this year.

In a press release, The Boss Baby star has affirmed his consent (along with declaring in the above teaser that he’s flawless) to being mercilessly tormented by a gathering of friends and foes. In fact, he’s completely down and calls this “the greatest honor of my lifetime besides being a father, a husband, hosting SNL seventeen times, receiving Golden Globes, Emmys, and working with Martin Scorsese.”

Of course, the real news will come from hearing who will be on hand to do the honors. Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan, and any number of 30 Rock or SNL stars would be wonderful additions, albeit obvious choices. So it would be even better to pull someone in who seems unexpected, and given that Baldwin appeared in some Mission: Impossible films, Tom Cruise would make a fantastic edition. C’mon, you wanna see Tom roast someone, so why not Alec Baldwin?

As of now, Comedy Central hasn’t announced taping or air dates for the roast, but with executive producer Joel Gallen on board (he handled the Bruce Willis, Rob Lowe, Justin Bieber, James Franco, Charlie Sheen, and Donald Trump roasts), this promises to be necessary viewing.

(Via Comedy Central)