Comedy Central’s ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Spot With Tom Hiddleston Is Adorable

Few people would argue that AT&T’s adorable kid focus group commercials are among the best TV ads that we’ll see this year, but they’ve always been ripe for spoofing from the very first day that a little girl demanded a puppy brother. Enter Comedy Central, as the network home of the underrated and canceled show Strip Mall is running a series of ads for Thor: The Dark World that feature Tom Hiddleston in character, running his own focus group to find out why more kids prefer the hammer-wielding Thor to the mischievous bastard Loki.

It’s really quite remarkable how even when he’s shoving a small girl to the ground in character as a god that wanted to conquer Earth and enslave the human race, Hiddleston manages to be one of the most charming actors in the world. It’s unfair is what it is. Stupid charming Tom Hiddleston.

An additional, better quality spot is available at Entertainment Weekly.