Here Are The 12 Comic-Con 2013 TV Panels That Matter, Complete With GIF Suggestions

San Diego Comic-Con 2013 kicks off tomorrow and we’ll be providing all the coverage that matters through the weekend. I popped my Comic-Con cherry last summer (they were gentle… and in tights) and looking back I have so much knowledge I’d like to impart on that uber naive version of myself. Namely, pack more snacks. But also, focus on what matters. Comic-Con can be oh so efficient went it’s boiled down to just pop culture everyone should care about.

With that in mind I’ve outlined all the compelling TV panels that will be making themselves available to the geeky  masses over the next few days, complete with dates and times (and GIF suggestions because I’m a veteran now). Check back here over the next few days for all the coverage that matters. Banner via Getty Image. Times via

Thursday, July 18th

Dexter – 6:30PMpt/9:30PMet. I still like to think of Dexter as a single season masterpiece, but alas it is in its eighth and final season that is sure to bring some sort of (Matsuka-centric?) closure. That means the panel taking place smack dab in the middle of the final season has to be pretty interesting right? I know one surprise guaranteed to make things extra memorable…

Hannibal – 6:45PMpt/9:45PMet. The only thing NBC can seemingly do right also has the fan appreciation after one season to support a full on Comic-Con panel. Shocking correlation, right? Will be interesting to see how much new footage or information they can reveal, especially considering where the season finale left off. Mads Mikkelsen treating everyone in attendance to an appetizer is probably the best one way to win the crowd over.

Friday, July 19th

Veronica Mars – 11:15AMpt/2:15PMet. I guess this is technically a movie now but lines be blurred, y’all. Kristen Bell watching the video of her watching the sloth video is the only way I would leave fulfilled.

The Walking Dead – 1:35PMpt/4:35PMet. As someone who attended this most excellent panel last year I have to say pandering to fans is the one thing AMC’s The Walking Dead always does right. I’m sure they’ll reveal Season 4 footage and assorted goodies that will promise a more perfect show this season. An in-depth panel discussion about the show’s unspoken Black Guy Highlander Rule is what the people really want though.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD – 1:45PMpt/4:45PMet. I have a hunch full geek anticipation frenzy will be stirred up after this panel. I just ask that they give us plausible enough reason for AGENT COULSON LIVES so I don’t go into this thing already in full Liz Lemon eye roll mode.

Game of Thrones – 2:50PMpt/5:50PMet. Last year’s was great. This year’s will be great, even if they won’t have much to reveal. If you’re in attendance there’s always the chance you’ll accidentally make eye contact with Khaleesi.

Archer – 5:00PMpt/8:00PMet. Oh, Archer Comic-Con panel. You are the Burt Reynolds of Comic-Con panels. Hilarious, rugged, rewarding, showcasing a audience chocked full of grown men cosplaying Krieger. Our friend Amber Nash performing an IRL felafel humping reenactment is my only suggestion.

Saturday, July 20th

How I Met Your Mother – 12:00PMpt/3:00PMet. It’s the final season and the mother has been revealed, so this warrants inclusion. A full cast live performance of a Robin Sparkles video seems like the only way to go out.

Sunday, July 21st

Breaking Bad – 11:15PMpt/2:15PMet. Holy sh*t. My emotions are all over the place just typing this. Get here faster/never leave us. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for the Better Call Saul spin-off to be officially announced at SDCC, is it?

Community – 1:50PMpt/4:50PMet. This is going to feel weird, isn’t it? With ALL the Community developments of late (I’m exhausted even thinking about them) I see no way it doesn’t feel weird. Jim Rash doing his best Jeff Winger may be the only answer.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia – 3PMpt/6PMet. It’s been a couple years since the Gang graced San Diego with their presence and an impromptu (possibly hungover) rendition of “Dayman.” I’m pretty sure a live Lethal Weapon 5 is the only topper.

Sons of Anarchy – 3:50PMpt/6:50PMet. Yep, we ARE thinking the same thing. Walton Goggins in drag. That is all.

And there you have it. Track all the Comic-Con 2013 action that matters here.