07.27.09 10 years ago

G4’s “Attack of the Show” had a panel at Comic-Con this weekend, and over 1000 Olivia Munn fanboys got turned away at the door. And those nerds missed out on a wild party. Well, relatively speaking. Wild for people who watch a basic-cable show about video games and tech gadgets.

Though organizers tried to convince Comic-Con that the G4 program was a big draw, the event was stuck in a relatively modest-sized ballroom. About 1,000 fans were turned away and what transpired was, according to one industry insider who attended, “the wildest Comic-Con panel I’ve ever seen … it was totally off the hook.”

Each chair had a kazoo and glow stick under their chairs. Hosts Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn had the audience play the show’s theme song on the kazoo, then lowered the lights turned the room into a “nerd rave.” Lewd comments to Munn from the audience were practically encouraged. [source]

There’s video of the nerd rave after the jump (and video of Munn’s cleavariffic nerd fantasy costumes hyah).  As you can see, nobody’s actually dancing with the glowsticks like ravers do.  Most people are just waving them around, pretending they’re light sabers.

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