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Spike TV has always sucked, but usually in an endearing way: the channel may shamelessly cater to retarded young males, but stuff like “World’s Most Dangerous Stunts Gone Wrong” is surprisingly watchable. However, as Spike delves into more original programming, the content gets bleaker for people with intact frontal cortices. (Yeah, that’s the plural for “cortex.” I know, it looks weird.)

Now, with the execrable “Blue Mountain State” paired with “Entourage,” the network has plans to make a copycat of “The Man Show” and is also going to make a docu-series about a band of traveling midget wrestlers. Midgets who wrestle, that is. Not big people who wrestle midgets. Although that could be another show.

“Half Pint Brawlers” is a six-episode series following a chaotic traveling troupe of little person wrestlers that journey around the United States and is led by their gregarious owner, Puppet “The Psycho Dwarf” [pictured]. The series is billed as a cross between “Jackass” and “Little People, Big World.” [THR]

Let that sink in for a moment. A cross between “Jackass” and “Little People, Big World.” How does something so insultingly dumb come to life? “You know, I like TLC’s block of little-person-related programming, but I wish the little people did more stupid things that got them hurt. I also have a vast collection of interspecies porn.”

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