Dan Harmon’s Cobra Commander Shirt And Other Highlights From The ‘Community’ Cast On ‘The Soup’

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01.02.14 9 Comments

As Josh alerted us to last week, Dan Harmon and (most) of the cast of Community participated in The Soup’s year end two-part “Clipdown” that aired on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Between the festivities you may not have caught it all, so here are a handful of the Clipdown segments The Soup has shared on YouTube. If Dan Harmon’s fat guy-Cobra Commander shirt look doesn’t have you convinced Community is returning to form tonight, nothing will.

In Clipdown order of appearance…

#26 – Dan Harmon vs Long Island Princesses

#22 – Jim Rash, Shep Smith, and Lost Airline Dog

#19 – Alison Brie & Dan Harmon Monkey Experiment

#3 – Jim Rash and Danny Pudi Go Meathead

Bonus: Joel McHale Calls Tay Allyn a Man Pirate

Because you’re still my spirit guide, McHale.

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