Dan Harmon’s Cobra Commander Shirt And Other Highlights From The ‘Community’ Cast On ‘The Soup’

As Josh alerted us to last week, Dan Harmon and (most) of the cast of Community participated in The Soup’s year end two-part “Clipdown” that aired on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Between the festivities you may not have caught it all, so here are a handful of the Clipdown segments The Soup has shared on YouTube. If Dan Harmon’s fat guy-Cobra Commander shirt look doesn’t have you convinced Community is returning to form tonight, nothing will.

In Clipdown order of appearance…

#26 – Dan Harmon vs Long Island Princesses

#22 – Jim Rash, Shep Smith, and Lost Airline Dog

#19 – Alison Brie & Dan Harmon Monkey Experiment

#3 – Jim Rash and Danny Pudi Go Meathead

Bonus: Joel McHale Calls Tay Allyn a Man Pirate

Because you’re still my spirit guide, McHale.

The Soup