A New Trailer For ‘Community’ Season 5 Reveals A Soft Reboot To Save Greendale

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12.12.13 18 Comments

We have been told the new season is a return to form and we got a taste of some of the plot points from the previous trailer, but now we peel back some more of the wrapping to find out how and why the study group returned to Greendale in this new trailer for Community season five.

The general theme here seems to be a soft reboot or re-pilot, wiping away the deluge of questionable ideas and attempting to return the show to some sort of status quo.

Jeff is forced back to Greendale after hitting rock bottom, Chang is a sarcastic teacher once again and the rest of the group seems to be ready for some character definition in the episodes that will follow.

But will the show truly be a return to form? Critical praise isn’t always indicative of public reception. I’m personally excited for new episodes that feel like classics, but I can see where season four might’ve drove a lot of people away. Hopefully we get more little gifts like this trailer before the January 2nd premiere.

I’m just happy that NBC decided to show more than a five second ad during SNL. That was getting ridiculous.

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