'Community' News': Exclusive Photos From The NYC Viewing Party And More

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03.05.12 6 Comments

On Saturday, the cast and crew of “Community,” including creator Dan Harmon and Warming Glow’s number-one person ever Alison Brie, appeared at the Saban Theatre in Los Angeles as part of PaleyFest, a two-week-long celebration of all things TV. I wasn’t able to attend the LA panel, because of the inconvenient fact that I don’t live in California, but I WAS able to go to the New York “viewing party” at the Paley Center for Media.

Bookended around a live stream of the discussion (more information later) was a costume party, which our own Nadia Chaudhury took photos of, and screening of the show’s first post-hiatus episode, “Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts,” set to air on March 15. I don’t want to reveal too much about it (though it’s “spoiled” in the Paley chat, just FYI), but I will say it’s a very good, smaller-scale episode, with a wedding, drunken antics between two characters, someone looking like a “wealthy murderer,” and the true meaning behind Shirley’s Miss Piggy voice. Plus, Annie’s boobs and Annie’s Boobs.

Slides ahead, with behind-the-scenes NUGGETS and cosplayers.

The “official” stream of the Alan Sepinwall-moderated discussion won’t be on Hulu until mid-March, but someone uploaded the entire thing to YouTube, which you can watch in six parts (part one above). Highlights include:

-Everyone fake-stripping when they came on stage, including Alison

-Could there be another leader in the study group, other than Jeff?

-Chang Tongue

-Jim Rash and his Oscar, which he, naturally, brought with him

-Dan Harmon saying, “I work in a different room…with just a glass of vodka and the ghost of my dad.”

-What a “Community” movie would look like (it’s a brilliant idea)

-Annie discussing Yvette’s breasts at length

-Gillian doing her pizza dance

-Will “Community” be back for season four? (Hint: it’s looking good…)

Here’s Alan’s take on it all.


And this:


And now photos from the NY event. Cool Cat Britta and the Cookie Wizard…WITH A PUPPY PARADE.


Greendale poster wall. Someone should have made “Racism Does Not Compute.”

Blanket fort. There are three rules to Fluffy Town: no smoking, no pillow fighting, and no farting, the last of which someone broke in about five minutes. It…did not smell good.


Season-one Jeff and Annie.

An Annie taking a picture of two Cool Cat Brittas.

The Dean’s dalmatian costume.

Dean! This outfit also doubles for Tobias Fünke.

The three winning posters: Biblioteca rap, Christmas pterodactyl, and Jeff’s Craigslist ad.

Annie, with her pen.

Professor Professorson and “Ace of Hearts” Annie.

Everyone. The judges chose Professor Professorson, the Cookie Wizard, and Starburns (with his lizard) as the three best costumes, and they gave another prize to the audience’s pick, the Dean. They all won three-day passes to New York Comic-Con.

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