‘Community’ Has an Awesome Board Game; Yes, Annie’s Boobs Are On It

It’s a good day if you love NBC’s “Community.” No. The show doesn’t yet have a return date, but while you’re waiting for it to come back, you can appreciate Greendale’s finest students in all their X-Men glory with illustrator Aviv Or’s brilliant “Community X” art work above (check his site for the individual character posters).

Meanwhile, there’s also a “Life”-style board game rife with “Community” allusions, Annie’s Boobs, and the ability to play pool with naked Jeff. All you need is your own study group, a die, and the willingness to cut out your own characters (game pieces can also be subbed in for Monopoly pieces). You can see the entire board, after the jump, or head directly over to USDirect and download the game yourself or see a larger version. It’s worth it.