08.11.09 9 years ago

For the next three days, Facebook is hosting the pilot episode of “Community,” the new NBC sitcom starring Joel McHale that will begin airing on Thursdays this fall.  It also features Gillian Jacobs, Chevy Chase, John Oliver of “The Daily Show,” and Ken Jeong as a Spanish professor (NBC recently aired a hilarious promo featuring Jeong, but I haven’t seen it online yet).

There’s some mild effort involved to watch the video — I’m talking at least three extra mouse clicks — as you need to become a Facebook fan of the show before you can watch it (which means you also need a Facebook account — sorry, Dad).  Now, I was going to be a dutiful TV blogger and give you a full review here, but the player stopped working halfway through the episode for me.  Oh, and it also only works for U.S. residents.  Y’know, if it works at all.

Anyway, NPR has a full run-down of everything that worked and failed with the early promotion.  I enjoyed what I was able to watch, and I still think I’m going to really enjoy it this fall, but I’m disappointed with the execution here from NBC and Facebook.  In fact, I may quit Facebook altogether.  I’ll go use that other social-networking site, whatsitcalled?  Friendspace?

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