‘Community’ Recap: 10 GIFs From ‘App Development And Condiments’ That Are Streets Ahead

03.07.14 5 years ago 54 Comments
How many MeowMeowBeenz would I give “App Development and Condiments”? Three, maybe three and a half. It was a little too messy to be higher, but funny and well meaning enough to receive anything lower. I particularly liked how the episode’s spoofing of dystopian films and social satire about our obsession with technology were more goofy than heavy; it wasn’t trying to say something significant as it was having fun goofing around with these huge ideas. Plus, Jeff and Shirley scenes are always welcome.

How many MeowMeowBeenz would I give Koogler? ALL OF THEM. I’m gonna see that first day with my boys Mulch, Dave, Herpie, Clutch, Dirtmouth, Rope, Tingle, Catwoman, and Steve. Keep it floppy, y’all.

1. Meow meow womp womp.

2. Classic Britta comeback.

3. That explains why U2’s “One” sucks so much.

4. Abed bleeds numbers.

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