‘Community’ Recap: 10 GIFs From ‘Basic Story’ That Are Streets Ahead

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04.11.14 22 Comments
jeff dean


I have no idea what to say about “Basic Story.” It accomplished the rare feat of being ridiculously packed with plot — Jeff and Britta decide to get married, Subway takes over Greendale, Abed roams the halls looking for plots, Starburns carries around a boombox with Dave Matthews Band, Abed, Annie, and the Dean find buried treasure, Abed, Annie, and the Dean dance (while on cocaine? I think there’s a connection between the “dust” on the scroll that makes them sneeze and their bug-eyed celebration) — while also feeling like a slightly empty prologue to whatever happens in next week’s season finale.

So let’s save our criticisms/praise of “Basic Story” until “Basic Sandwich,” and enjoy Alison Brie dancing now.

1. I love scotch and Alison Brie, so close enough.

greendale lovegreendale love 2greendale love 3greendale love 4

2. He’s only 21 away from his dream number.

duncan followersduncan followers 2

3. Meta burn.

britta troy boring

4. And I’ve got something in my pocket for you.

shirley jeffshirley jeff 2shirley jeff 3shirley jeff 4

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