‘Community’ Discussion: ‘None Of Us Would Have Met If Hitler Hadn’t Been Born’

Like so many shows before it, including Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Six Feet Under, Bored to Death, Rome, and even some series that weren’t on HBO, Community finally got to their Incest Episode. “Wedding Videography” did a nice job of hiding the reveal until Jeff’s speech, and the sudden epiphany of Garrett and Stacy being cousins was well earned and very funny.

This was a very good, plot-light episode with some great scenes, including Annie’s missing lover footage (the Abed framing device was hit and miss, but it was worth it for this scene alone), Elroy’s addiction to encouraging white people, and everyone doing their best Garrett impressions. Even Chang was used extremely well, first in the Home Alone situation and then later coming out in favor of cousins being romantic partners (unlike the High Sparrow).

What didn’t work as well as it could have was Jeff and others wondering if they’re better people apart than as one selfish group. That’s a huge realization, but it’s mostly swept aside by the end of the episode, after Garrett and Stacy (played by Dan Harmon’s wife and podcast partner, Erin McGathy) get the happy ending they deserve. (Garrett mentions that a man dressed as Homer Simpson was going to surprise him, a potential nod to “Lemon of Troy.”) I wish “Wedding Videography” had gone more into their self-centeredness. At one point the Dean admits, “Britta, we’re all the worst right now, so why don’t you just take the day off,” but even in the last shot, Abed, who’s slightly removed from their narcissism, frames his friends hugging in the foreground, and the married couple dancing in the background. It’s always about them.

But that’s a minor complaint because at least we got this:

Solid Aubrey Plaza impression.