'Community' Reruns Coming To Comedy Central

In what can be read as good news, bad news, or news that is neither good nor bad, but rather just “is,” because after all the sun is going to swallow up the Earth one day so it’s not like anything really matters, Comedy Central has picked up the rights to air the first three seasons of “Community” beginning in 2013. From Deadline:

Greendale Community College’s most famous study group will have a new member beginning in 2013 (and it’s not Beetlejuice) as COMEDY CENTRAL has reached a multi-year deal with Sony Picture Television to license the critically-acclaimed comedy series “Community,” it was announced today by David Bernath, Executive Vice President, Program Strategy & Multiplatform Programming/Dean of Students for COMEDY CENTRAL and [Sony Pictures Television]. The all-comedy channel will launch the series with three seasons beginning in the fall of 2013.

So, yeah. This could be (a) another revenue stream and outside show of confidence for the show that will give it the bump it needs to get another season and make it to the magic number of episodes for syndication (see also, the show’s deal with Hulu), (b) a sign that the show is not going to make it to syndication, so the vultures are circling the carcass, or (c) a case of me using the first two items in a list to read WAY too much into things. It’s probably (c). But hey, the worst case scenario here is that there will be reruns of “Community” on TV for at least a couple years, and here is my official comment on that: