‘Community’ Finale Discussion: Ranking The Season 7 Pitches

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06.02.15 36 Comments

“Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television” can be read two ways: The last time we’ll ever see the Save Greendale Committee, in any format, or a #SixSeasons set-up to the #AndAMovie promise. It works both ways. I don’t need to know what happens to the group without Annie and Abed for it to be satisfying, but I wouldn’t protest if they came back, with Elroy, Troy, Shirley, and Buzz Hickey in tow. It was a funny season finale that doubled as a rewarding series finale.

And it was very Community, with the newly-dubbed Nipple Dippers pitching their dream seventh season scenarios. Here they are, ranked by how much I want to see them come true.

11. UGH, Britta.

10. Jeff and Annie have a kid now, though he’d be fine with a dog instead. Community hasn’t cared about their romantic relationship for seasons now; it feels like the only reason they keep up with it is out of fan service obligation. An entire season of Jannie would be exhausting.

9. *farts* “… and so on.” Give Frankie a break. She’s still learning.

8. “My set-up lacks awareness, but my punchline doesn’t know.” The characters no longer tell jokes. They break down the process of delivering set-ups and one-liners, and, as everyone knows, there’s nothing funnier than someone explaining a joke to you.

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