Celebrate ‘Community’ Season 6’s DVD Release With A Sneak Peek At The Gag Reel

03.07.16 3 years ago

Community‘s sixth season played a big part in shutting down Yahoo Screen. According to Variety, Community and Yahoo Screen’s two other original offerings sent the monolithic company down a money-losing spiral to the tune of $42 million. But that’s okay. What matters is that we got a sixth season after NBC unceremoniously dumped one of the best sitcoms in modern memory. Some could say that season six didn’t have the magic of previous seasons, and those people (Chevy Chase) can have their opinion, but true fans were perfectly happy watching the cast hock Hondas and shoot paintballs regardless of the medium. Still, something was missing. Maybe the feeling of impending doom that hung above every season prior to Yahoo’s that made rooting for the show feel so special. But how can you blame Harmon for that?

With Yahoo Screen dead, so are the chances that six seasons and a movie — the phrase every Community fan has tattooed in Olde English above their bellybuttons — will come to life. For now, a gag reel and some commentary tracks from Dan Harmon and the rest of the students and teachers at Greendale Community College will have to do. The DVD and digital package of Community season six drops on March 8, and Jesus will weep.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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