‘Community’ Showrunner Plans Alison Brie’s GIF-able Moments

“Community” showrunner Dan Harmon is well-known to be  a pop culture sponge who constantly peppers his NBC comedy with meta in-jokes, so it should be no surprise that he’s aware of the internet subculture that makes animated GIFs of Alison Brie’s sexier moments. In fact, he goes out of his way to feed the trend:

“I do try many times a season to put Alison in a situation, wardrobe-wise, that I know is going to end up as an animated GIF file! I observe that stuff and the way people are consuming it, because I’m a nerd too and I love to obsess about my favorite TV shows.” [DigitalSpy]

With great power comes great responsibility, and Dan Harmon is a king among men for using his power to create Alison Brie GIFs. I hope “Community” stays on the air for another 10 years.

What? What’s that you say? It’s your first day on the internet? And you’ve never seen an Alison Brie GIF before? But that seems impossible! Okay, FINE: I shall create a slideshow of the INTERNET’S FINEST ALISON BRIE GIFS. But JUST THIS ONCE!