‘Community’ Won TV Guide’s Fan Poll

In the midst of getting yanked from NBC’s midseason schedule, “Community” has landed on the cover of the next TV Guide. Why? Oh, no big deal, it just has the internet’s most devoted fan base. Definitely not a reason to keep it on the air.

Roughly 300,000 people voted on TV Guide Magazine’s Facebook, and ‘Community’ bested many cult-hit shows including ‘Chuck’ and ‘The Vampire Diaries.’ The NBC series will be honored with three different covers for the Dec. 5 issue. The ‘Community’ issue hits newsstands Dec. 1.

“Because we don’t get nominated for awards, this is our fans’ outlet to tell us that they care,” ‘Community’ star Gillian Jacobs said in a statement. “They may not see us win Emmys or SAG Awards, but they do have the power in something like this to vote, and you see a lot of people care about our show.” [Aol TV]

I’m not going to beat my fists on the ground about “Community’s” eventual cancellation, but I WOULD like to take this opportunity to say that the Nielsen ratings and their stupid boxes can go directly to hell. The fact that broadcast networks still rely on that antiquated BS to determine whether shows live or die only makes me look forward to the day that the internet crashes the current business model into the ground. (And if Time Warner Cable goes with it, all the better.)