Conan’s Apple AirPod Spoof Taps Into Everyone’s Worries About The New Gadget

09.14.16 3 years ago

Apple has long-been an innovator in the tech world, helping to make smartphones a household item when they released the iPhone, much like they were able to take MP3 players from the realm of nerd gear to uber-cool with the iPod. But that doesn’t mean that everything that Apple does is a hit. In fact, they’ve made a lot of strange decisions over the years, stuff like abandoning the USB standard for their own, proprietary charging cables and now, with the iPhone 7, removing the headphone jack altogether.

But never fear! Apple has an idea, that idea is for wireless earbuds andwait, what?! Anyone with even a little understanding of Apple and the products that they own knows that the real reason why Apple ditched the headphone jack was because of their ownership of Beats by Dre, but the whole idea of wireless earbuds is a bit of a headscratcher. Most of us have worn earbuds — usually ones that come bundled in with our phones — and no matter what the design, they tend to fall out of our ear during even the mildest of activities. If anything, the wire is what helps to tether them to us and prevent us from losing them, even if we lost the little silicone pad that was once on them.

Of course, it falls upon the realm of late night television to remind us of how ridiculous the whole thing really is. The latest is Conan O’Brien with this video mocking Apple ads by mimicking the undeniable visual style and showing exactly what we all fear will happen with those damned earbuds.

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