Conan Discovers The Wondrous Paintings Of Former Presidents George W. Bush And Bill Clinton

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Conan took some time out of his busy week of being the only 11:30 show running new episodes to talk a bit about Former President George W. Bush. More specifically, Conan talks about Bush’s recently exhibited set of Google image inspired paintings of world leaders.

Well it took a little digging, but Conan also dug up some of Bill Clinton’s paintings and the two former leaders of the free world have some very distinctive styles. Also Clinton must have a photographic memory of sorts because there’s no way Nancy Pelosi is lying through nap time to post for a painting.

I just like that Bill Clinton clearly has the same mindset as Alex Rodriguez in the imaginations of television comedy writers. Feel free to picture both as centaur bros who are tag teaming the bar scene in order to get their half-horse rocks off with some Miami temptress. That or they are going to spend their time at the race track.

I’ll be quite honest, I’m just really confused about the centaur lifestyle and I don’t think I could truly write about it unless I had some time to prepare. So far I’ve only got that A-Rod painting and an SNL skit to go off of. That’s not going to cut it.

(Via Team Coco)

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