Conan Apolgizes To David Letterman For Messing Up His Horse Joke With A Horse Joke Of His Own

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The saga of Conan and David Letterman’s horse gift has possibly come to an end after a late night back-and-forth between the two hosts. As we’ve detailed in prior posts, Conan penned a wonderful goodbye to Letterman when The Late Show host was retiring, prompting Letterman to send Conan a gift in return for thanks — and jokes, as we are well aware now.

Letterman had a horse delivered to Conan at the Warner Bros. lot, hoping that he would take it on his show and the horse would poo on the stage. At least that’s what he told Jimmy Kimmel earlier in the week after watching Conan’s appearance with Stephen Colbert. Conan spent most of that interview complaining about this horse, how it was costing a lot of money, was too crazy to ride, and was then living it up in some horse massage camp. It was funny, Letterman’s response was funny, and the entire situation was a funny cross-section of the late night comedy club.

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