Conan Faced Quite The Ordeal After David Letterman Sent Him A Horse As A Thank You Gift

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Conan might be just as good as a late night guest as he is as a late night host. His appearance on Tuesday’s Friday’s Late Show was about as entertaining as you could’ve hoped for, likely due to the two host’s familiarity with the format and each other over the years. But Conan also came prepared with some great stories that kept Colbert as more of an observer throughout, peppering in laughter as his fellow late night staple moves through making fun of himself, making fun of his kids, making fun of Harvard, and making fun of Colbert from time to time.

The best bit is definitely the 10-minute odyssey of Conan trying to deal with the “insane” horse that David Letterman sent him as a thank you gift after his retirement. Conan is one of the hosts with a direct connection to Letterman, having taken over Late Night following Letterman’s departure for CBS. To celebrate the legendary host’s retirement, Conan penned a note in Entertainment Weekly and received a positive reaction from his comedy idol. He also received a surprise gift, one that ended up being too big to navigate into the Warner Bros. lot out in Los Angeles.

It turned out to be a horse name Dave and Conan had no idea what to do with it:

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