Conan Fondly Remembers The Time He Spooned With Elijah Wood

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You guys remember the MTV Movie Awards, right? It’s that show where Twilight or The Hunger Games wins all of the awards and they used to give lifetime achievements to things like Godzilla and Chewbacca.

OK, well how about from a few months back, when Conan hosted the latest edition and he had his cold open and everything. Ring a bell? I mean you kinda need to know that stuff for this clip to make sense.

Elijah Wood took part in the cold open by letting Conan lie with him in his very own bed. They took some time to look back on it a bit during Wood’s stop to promote the new season of Wilfred. They spooned and everything.

It really would help to refresh yourself on the Movie Awards having happened. I had to. I had to remind myself that MTV still existed in a form that wasn’t just something out of Idiocracy.

(Via Team Coco)

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