Against Great Odds, Conan Aces Jon Stewart’s Near-Impossible NYC Citizenship Test

How many burrows are there in New York City? What’s the population of Manhattan? What NYC institution holds representatives of more than 193 nations? All questions that a resident New Yorker probably knows off the top of their head. In fact, some citizens west of New York probably know the answers to those relatively simple queries. But why is the mayor’s home called “Gracie Mansion?” How does one finish the famous NYC proverb: If a crowded subway has one seat free…?*

These esoteric questions were asked by famous New Yorker Jon Stewart, who did his best to stump Conan in front of the late-night host’s audience at the world-famous Apollo theater. Stewart tried his best, even attempting to throw Conan off the trail with a trick question like “who is the famous resident of New York who won the 2016 presidential race?” but Conan came up with a perfect answer every single time.

Conan’s trivia skills were impressive, but Stewart’s reasons for joining Andy and Conan were far more notable. He’s raising money through the HBO special Night of Too Many Stars which will fund education and services for those affected by autism (as well as allowing a lucky fan who donates to be Conan’s guest host for an evening). It’s a reminder that Good Guy Stewart is missed, and hopefully, he gets his HBO projects off the ground soon. Until then, we can watch him lead a round of trivia with Conan on a regular basis.

*…there you’ll find a homeless man’s pee.

(Via Team Coco)