Conan And Jordan Schlansky Go Down A Dark Path To Review Preparation H Wipes

04.09.16 3 years ago

Last month, Conan producer Jordan Schlansky went on the show that he produces to praise a product that helped with Conan O’Brian’s back bush. This week, Schlansky was back on the show in which we hope becomes a reoccurring segment on Conan. This time Schlansky decided to review Preparation H Wipes; both the totables and the larger pack for home use.

If there’s one thing that you take away from watching this hilariously awkward clip is that Schlansky takes his bathroom habits seriously and if you’re ever in a “jam” and you need a Preparation H Wipe, he’s got you covered because he has one with him at all times and suggests that, “every American should carry one of these with them.”

Conan and Jordan then talk about bidets and how the wipe is a good substitute if you use a bathroom that is sans bidet. Conan asks his producer, “Why don’t you get a bidet?” and Schlansky with a deadpan expression answers, “I’ve been looking into the plumbing.” Conan then gets more than a little personal and flat out asks Schlansky if he has hemorrhoids, which he responds with, “I do not have inflamed hemorrhoids.”

Both men assure the audience that they aren’t getting paid by this review, but Schlansky does admit getting paid only by the cleanliness that he’s achieved by using this product.

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