Conan O’Brien Is Looking For Love In His Korean TV Romantic Drama Debut

Conan O’Brien is very good at going abroad. Recent(ish) remote segments in Cuba and Armenia make a pretty convincing argument that Conan could have his own PBS travelogue type show if the mood ever struck him, meaning we could live in a world where the Masturbating Bear takes your call at the next pledge drive. We haven’t hit that point yet, but another Conan remote is on its way and this one goes down in South Korea. It’s going quite well from the looks of things.

Among the adventures undertaken by the artist occasionally known as Coco was a cameo spot on MBC’s romantic drama One More Happy Ending. As you can see from the clips nestled at the top and bottom of the post, we got Conan in two exciting flavors. There’s goldfish Conan who pops up in a fantasy sequence and non-goldfish Conan (or Conan Classic) who tries to win the affections of Jang Na-Ra’s Han Mi-Mo, who he encounters at a relationship consultation agency. She somehow resists his charms (which come in English, Korean and a carefully deployed wink), but we’re swooning so that’s a partial win. Versatile dude, that Conan.

(Via Vulture)