Andy Richter, Larry King And Conan O’Brien Snuggle In Bed Together

Everybody needs a post-television career path, because workaholics can never truly rest after they’ve retired. Even Erik Estrada still had that itch to become a real cop thirty years after CHiPs ended, so it should come as no surprise that Larry King needed something to do after retirement. Currently hosting Larry King Now on Hulu and RT, he’s not exactly retired, but he sort of is.

His latest venture, though? Sheets. Yes, sheets. Larry King and his wife have a line of luxury bedding and King just had to share with CONAN star Conan O’Brien on the show. You see, Larry wanted Conan to really understand the Sleep Like a King line of luxury bedding and the fine folks at CONAN understand that the gangly-redhead being placed into awkward situations has always been a hit, decided to roll out a king-sized bed fitting with 500 thread count Sleep Like a King bedding and what happened next was, well, awkward.

Larry King, Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter climbed into bed together, Richter snuggling up to King while King commented, “Oh God… Andy? I love you.” The segment wouldn’t be complete without a faux-QVC overlay appearing to make light of the fact that they basically just dedicated a whole segment to blatantly shilling for Larry King and his new sheets. In a rare moment where Conan is simply unable to contain himself, he broke down laughing while trying to read the final few lines of copy before they went to break. That’s television magic right there, folks.