Conan Manages To Turn The Tables On The Celebrity Nude Photo Leak Hacker

The recent deluge of leaked nude celebrity photos is one of many depressing events over the past few days. This is mostly due to the fact that it raises awareness on this happening to numerous non-celebrities everyday, making it all that much scarier.

That said, it’s nice to laugh a bit at the terrible things. I always think it helps a bit to just fool around and it takes a bit of the sting away. There’s usually nothing wrong with making a few jokes and trying to lighten a mood. I give Conan a lot of credit here because not only does this feature a grown man attempting to f*ck a Super Nintendo while choking himself with the controller, it also points the humor back on the show itself.

All of this sh*ttiness aside, can we all agree that Jon Gosselin is sort of a smelly douche? Even when he’s not directly involved, it just brings down my mood. A lot of negative waves.

(Via Team Coco)

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