Conan And ‘Game Of Thrones’ Red Woman Melisandre Have A Lot In Common. Too Much.

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Melisandre is the Red Woman. Conan is the Red Man. Both of these pale people wield incredible powers, and their followers have been known to play with fire. The Red Woman is currently mired in an existential crisis, questioning her faith to the Lord of Light. Meanwhile, Conan navigates the sweaty masses at Comic-Con, presumably while also questioning his god. Both are in rough situations, and both, we know, turn into old people when they take off their magical necklace.

It’s all very strange.

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Team Coco

Conan-Con is currently under way and everyone is having a great time. Conan and Andy have been mingling with the army of celebrities that have descended upon sunny San Diego, and in the last few days we’ve learned everyone was being creepy on the Suicide Squad set and Conan wants a more substantial butt. It’s been fun.

Like any good convention-goer, Conan returns home from San Diego Comic-Con 2016 after a week of dressing like a superhero, talking comics, and going without a decent night’s sleep. But now that we know Conan is actually working each day as a 300-year-old man kept in check by a magical choker, it kind of puts the whole Leno thing into perspective.

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